Asia tour 2015

by Fab

Exciting news everyone!

From October 2015, Fabien, CEO of, is embarking to a coworking tour in Asia and Europe with his backpack and laptop.

He will be talking to coworking space community managers and people working in coworking spaces, as well as developing business in Asia.

It is going to be an adventure that you will be able to follow on’s facebook page

If you’d like to meet Fabien during his trip, please feel free to join him at one of the location listed below if you’re around at the same time:

September 21 - October 4: Tokyo and Japan
October 5 - 10: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Coming soon and subject of change:
October 10 - 27: Bali, Indonesia
October 28 - November 5: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
November 6 - November 14: Bangkok, Thailand
November 14 - November 21: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
November 21 - November 28: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
November 28 - December 10: Nepal/Burma ?

Not Asia, but still going to coworking spaces:
December 11 - December 20: Paris, France
December 20 - December 30: Lisboa, Portugal
December 31 - January 10: Edimburg, Scotland


Meet you on the way?