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@Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku is simply the best place to work. The Living Room is buzzing with life and gives amazing opportunities to meet like-minded people, while you can enjoy delicious coffees and teas and even have a naughty piece of cake that is to die for. The Living Kitchen serves an sensational healthy lunch buffet on long tables, so you can meet people in a casual setting and enjoy food together (I mean, is there a better way?!). Finally, the co-working space is located a bit further away from the buzzing of the Living Room, allowing for the space to be more quiet. This is perfect for those that need to work hard and prefer the calm.  

Global rating :
5.0 / 5
Coziness : 5.0 / 5, Kindness: 5.0 / 5, Quietness: 5.0 / 5, Wifi: 5.0 / 5, Community: 5.0 / 5

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